Wednesday 29 June 2011

Friday 24 June 2011

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Wisdom of the day

When you owe the bank one thousand euro's YOU have a problem. When you owe the bank one million euro's the BANK has a problem, but when you owe the bank one billion eur's you are being bailed out by the tax payers of other nations.


The 145.000 cbm. LNG carrier EJNAN, sailing not far the coast of Oman, send out a signal it was attacked by pirates. EU naval forces intercepted the skiff at 1.7 nm from the EJNAN. At this distance, according a spokesman of the EU forces, the skiff with the pirates "posed no treat". The EU naval forces intercepted the skiff and found tools  of the piracy trade, but "without evidence of a crime" the four criminals were turned loose. The pirates were also provided with enough water and food to reach safely their homebase. These Somali gangs are getting bolder and more brutal by the hour because the political will to tackle this crisis is lacking by most governments. As became known a few days ago at least 67 seaman were killed by the Somali pirate gangs. In the Gulf of Aden, the northern Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea passes more than 40 % of the worlds oil supplies. The public cares even less than the governments because what happens with the crew members who man the ships is their business. At least that is what 98% of the public thinks. They only worry when the supply link stops because the ship crews refuses to risk their lives by sailing through the pirate infested waters. Next time when you fill up the tank of your car, think about it.