Monday 24 September 2012

m.v. ST. PETRI

Posted by Picasam.v. "St. Petri".
Owner Hamburg-Sudamerikanische Dampfschiffahrts Ges. Eggert Und Amsinck (Rudolf Oetker),
Hamburg, Germany.
Flag Germany.
Built 1981 by A.G. "Weser", Bremen, Germany.
Grt. 26.937, nrt. 19.177, dwt. 45.574, l.o.a. 182.96 mt., breadth 32.24 mt.
Engine type Motor, MAN, 12.520 bhp., speed 14.5 kn.
Vessel type Tank.

m.v. RIA MAR

Posted by Picasam.v. "Ria Mar".
Owner Comercia y Compania S.A., Manila, the Philippines.
Flag the Philippines (registred in Panama).
Built 1972 by Ast. Espanoles S.A., Bilbao, Spain.
Grt. 11.590, nrt. 6.869, dwt. 15.894, l.o.a. 154.64 mt., beam 23.30 mt.
Engine type Motor, Burmaister & Wain-Ast. Espanoles S.A., 11.600 bhp., speed 18 knots.
Vessel type Cargo.

m.v. WILGO

Posted by Picasam.v. "Wilgo".
ex Brindle '82, ex Maythorn '81.
Owner Wlship Maritime Services, Hull, United Kingdom.
Flag United Kingdom.
Built 1962 by N.V. Scheepswerf "Westerbroek", Westerbroek, the Netherlands.
Grt. 898, nrt. 521, l.o.a. 68.61 mt. breadth 10.55 mt.
Engine type Motor, Crossley Brothers, 1.020 bhp., speed 11.25 knots.
 Vessel type Gen. Cargo.


Posted by Picasam.v. "Towing Wizard".
ex Quaysider '84.
Owner Thompson Shipping Attendants Ltd. (T.S.A. Tugs), Leighton on Sea, United Kingdom.
Flag United Kingdom.
Built 1955 by R. Dunston (Hessle) Ltd., Hessle, United Kingdom.
L.o.a. 29.63 mt., beam 7.10 mt.
Engine type Motor, 1.116 bhp.
Vessel type Tug