Tuesday 30 August 2011


s.s. "Tubantia", owner Koninklijke Hollandse Lloyd, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, flag the Netherlands. Built 1914 by Stephen Shipyards, Glasgow, United Kingdom. Grt. 13.911, l.o.a. 170.73 mt. Engine type Steam Turbine, Stephen, 12.000 ihp., speed 17.8 kn. Vessel type Passenger. On March 16, 1916 the "Tubantia" was torpedoed by the German submarine UB 13 near the Noordhinder lightship and sank 5 hours later. Passengers and crew were saved by Dutch vessels.

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m.v. ROANA

m.v. "Roana", ex Ostersoen '73. Owner Redalis Shipping Co. Ltd., Limassol, Cyprus, flag Cyprus. Built 1954 by Svendborg Skibsvaerft A/S, Svendborg, Sweden. Grt. 1.311, dwt. 315. Engine type Motor, Burmaister & Wain, 1.998 hp., speed 12.75 kn. Vessel type Pass/Ro/Car Ferry.
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m.v. "Ragni Berg", owner P/R Reeferg, Peter Y. Berg, Drammen, Norway. Built 1978 by Drammen Slip & Verk., Drammen, Norway. Grt. 6.984. Engine type Motor, Sulzer-A/S Horten Verft, 11.400 hp., speed 21.9 kn. Vessel type Reefer.
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m.v. "Vrouwe Alida", owner Visser & Visser Chartering B.V., Vlaardingen, the Netherlands. Built 1976 by Scheepswerven Bijlholt B.V., Foxhol, the Netherlands. Grt. 1.465, dwt. 2.575, l.o.a. 78.67 mt. Engine type Motor, Appingedammer Brons, 1.500 hp., speed 11.5 kn. Vessel type Cargo.
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Friday 26 August 2011


m.v. "Ville de Marseille", owner Societe Francaise de Transport Maritime S.F.T.M. (Navale et Commerciale Havraise Peninsulaire N.C.H.P.), Dunkirk, France, flag France. Built 1974 by Chantiers Navale de La Ciotat, La Ciotat, France. Grt. 12.609, dwt. 16.526, l.o.a. 171.02 mt. Engine type Motor, Sulzer-Cie. de Contr. Mec. Sulzer (CCM-Sulzer), 17.400 hp., speed 20 kn. Vessel type Cargo/Reefer.
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m.v. REA

m.v. "Rea", ex Lastrigoni '74, ex Coolgardie '69, owner Aleba Corp., Piraeus, Greece, flag Greece. Built 1956 at Helsingor Skibsv. og Maskinbyg., Helsingor, Denmark. Grt. 3.290, dwt. 3.739, l.o.a. 116.82 mt. Vessel type Cargo/Reefer. Engine type Motor, Burmaister & Wain-Helsingor Skibsv. og Maskinbyg., 5.750 hp., speed 17.5 kn.
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m.v. "Toletela", ex Monte Toledo '77, owner Government of Libya (Ministery of Maritime Transport (Triport Ferries) Management Ltd.), Benghazi, Libya, flaf Libya. Built 1974 by Ubion Naval de Levante S.A., Valencia, Spain. Grt. 6.634, dwt. 3.733, l.o.a. 151.47 mt. Engine type Motor, MAN, 17.800 bhp., speed 19 kn. Vessel type pass./RoRo Cargo/Ferry.
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m.v. "Toumodi", owner Societe Ivoirienne de Transports Maritime, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, flag Ivory Coast.
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Wednesday 24 August 2011

Somalis and Seafarers.

According the Danish Per Gullestrup, CEO and partner of Clipper Ferries/RoRo, between 60 to 80% of the shipowners are in favour of arming their ships and having guards on board even when the cost can be $50.000 per passage. "We took the decision 3 to 4 months ago that we could not defend our ships without contracting-in armed guards with light machine guns and who will shoot back", continued mr. Gullestrup. " I hear that 60 to 80% of shipowners are in favour of arming their ships, which is a lot, and if you figure out that every time you do, it will cost the owner between $ 30.000 and $ 50.000 to put armed guards on each passage then you are talking about a lot of money". Mr. Gullestrup has built up first hand knowledge of dealing with pirates after he negotiated with these criminals over the release of the "CEC Future" back in 2008 when that ship was held for 71 days and only released after negotiations and the payment of nearly Dk 9.000.000. A Somali pirate now faces a 25 years prison sentence in the U.S. after he was convicted. "Despair is a good word to describe the way shipowners feel about the whole piracy issue", he said "It is a hard word but there are times in a quiet moment when you say, look what is going on there. It is 2011 and we are five years into this and we are still being run around by a bunch of criminals because that is what they are - extortionists, murders and criminals. And even the largest naval powers in the world haven't been able to do anything about it and they won't until we do something fundamentally ashore in Somalia. Until then, we will not solve this problem". "We now have the monsoon season and this will have strong reflection on the level of activities going on. But even when the monsoon settles down, I suspect you will see a lot of ships being armed now. But what will that do to the equation? Hopefully it will put a dampener  on activities but it won't solve anything. Because pirates might start to lose to much money and the investors will stop getting the returns they want, they will retrench and ease off. The naval forces will then say the situation is better and the pirates will be back in action and we will be back where we started. We as shipowners are very frustrated. If this kind of criminal activity happened anywhere else on this scale something would have been done about it but 94 % of the seafarers involved in this are from developing countries and that is the reason. If the 94 % of seafarers were from Europe or the United States, I guarantee we would not have been talking about it now. It is a disgrace" he added.                                                                                                                                     It was learned yesterday that a merchant vessel which was at anchorage off the Salalah coast of Oman, on Saturday was hijacked. This brought to light a disturbing trend wherein the Somali criminals are now attacking not only vessels sailing in the high seas but now also enter the areas near the ports to carry out their crimes. Suspected Somali pirates launched an attack on the oil tanker "MT Fairchem Bogey", at anchor off the Salalah coast. After capturing the vessel and taking its 21 Indian crew members hostage, the pirates forcibly sailed the ship towards some island off the Somali coast. Agencies and special forces have been asked to keep a watch on the vessel's movement and trace its trajectory since the hostages are not allowed to communicate with maritime agencies.                                                                                                            In the meantime, especially the Western naval forces continue to treat these criminals with velvet gloves, hand them cigarettes and fuel for their outboard engines, wave and wish them bon voyage, warning them not be be caught again, because then no more cigarettes. The West European governments are still arguing if allowing armed security guards on board the vessels of the merchant marine are not infringing some pirate's human rights. It all comes down to one thing: "Who cares about the seafarers, (either from a developing country or a western nation),  manning the ships. It are only seafarers".

Tuesday 23 August 2011


m.v. "Leiv Erikson", owner I/S Leiv Erikson (Einar Bakkevig), Oslo, Norway, flag Norway. Build 1972 at Seutelvens Verksted, Frederikstad, Norway. Grt. 2.527, dwt. 3.378, l.o.a. 88.14 mt., Engine type Motor, Sulzer Bros. Ltd., 2.340 hp., speed 13 kn., vessel type LPG Carrier.
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m.v. "Prins Albert", owner Regie des Transports Maritime, Oostende, Belgium, flag Belgium. Build 1978 by N.V. Cockerill Yards Hoboken, Hoboken, Belgium. Grt. 6.112, dwt. 1.325, l.o.a. 118.42. Engine type Motor, Pielstick-S.A. Cockerill-Ougree-Providence, 23.400 hp., speed 22 kn. Vessel type Pass./RoRo/Ferry.
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s.s. "Queen Frederica", ex Malolo '37, ex Matsonia '49, ex Atlantic' 54. Owner Chandris Lines, Piraeus, Greece, flag Greece. Build 1927 by Cramp Shipbuilding, Philadelphia, USA. Grt. 17.232, l.o.a. 177.30 mt. Engine type Steam, Cramp, 25.000 shp., speed 22 kn. Vessel type Passenger.
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Sunday 21 August 2011


m.v. "Dorothea P", ex Marabur Porr '80, ex Connaught '79, ex Marabur Porr '79. Owner H. Peters, Hamburg, Germany, flag Germany, build 1967 by Werft Nobiskrug, Rendsburg, Germany. Grt. 3.636, dwt. 5.550, l.o.a. 115.63 mt., engine type Motor, MAN, 3.020 hp., speed 13 kn., vessel type Cargo.
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m.v. "Bencleuch", owner The Ben Line Steamers Ltd. (William Thomson & Co. (Ben Line), Leith, United Kingdom, flag United Kindom. Build 1976 by Nieuwe Noord Nederlandse Scheepswerven N.V., Groningen, the Netherlands. Grt. 1.599, dwt. 2.549, l.o.a. 80.78 mt. Engine type Motor, N.V. Smit & Bolnes, 2.730 hp., speed 13.5 kn. Vessel type Tanker.
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Saturday 20 August 2011


m.v. "Banglar Moni", ex Antje '83. Owner Islamic Development Bank (Bangladesh Shipping Corp.), Chittagong, Bangladesh, flag Bangladesh. Build 1983 by VEB Schiffswerft "Neptun", Rostock, Germany. Grt. 8.697, dwt. 12.680, l.o.a. 150.17 mt. Engine type Motor, MAN-VEB Dieselmotorenwerk Rostock (DMR), 9.000 hp., sspeed 17 kn. Vessel type Cargo/Con.
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m.v. "Forthbank", owner Bank Line Ltd., (Andrew Weir & Co. Ltd.), London, United Kingdom. Flag United Kingdom. build 1973 by Swan Hunter Shipbuilders Ltd., Hebburn, United Kingdom. Grt. 11.405, dwt. 15.216, l.o.a. 161.68, engine type Motor, Doxford & Sunderland Ltd., 15.000 hp., speed 18.75 kn. Vessel type Cargo/Con.
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Wednesday 17 August 2011


m.v. "Vulcania", ex Urania. Owner "Italia" SAN, Genoa, Italy, flag Italy. build 1928 by Cantieri Navali Triestino, Monfalcone, Italy. Grt. 23.970, l.o.a. 192.54 mt. Engine type Motor, Burmaister & Wain, 20.000 bhp., speed 21 kn. Vessel type Passenger.
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m.v. "Wilnora", ex Thalassini Niki '79. Owner P/R Wilnora (Anders Wilhelmsen & Co.), Oslo, Norway, flag Norway. Build 1977 by Gotaverken Arendal A/B, Goteborg, Sweden. Grt. 80.751, dwt. 155.250, l.o.a. 284.77 mt. Engine type Motor, Burmaister & Wain-A/B Gotaverken, 27.300 hp., speed 16.25 kn., vessel type Tanker.
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m.t. "Jim Higgs", owner Cleanaway Ltd., Rainham, Great Britain, flag Great Britain. build 1959 in Great Britain. L.o.a. 25.75 mt., breadth 6.81 mt. Engine type Motor, 1.000 bhp. Vessel type Tug
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s.s. "Saxonia", owner Cunard Steam Ship Company, Liverpool, United Kingdom, flag United Kingdom. build in 1900 by Brown Shipbuilders, Clydebank, United Kindom. Grt. 14.281, l.o.a. 182.92 mt. Engine type Steam, 10.400 ihp., speed 16.8 kn., vessel type Passenger.
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Sunday 14 August 2011


s.s. "United States", owner United States Lines, New York, USA. Builders Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co., Newport News, USA in 1952. On July 3rd she made her maiden voyage New York-Southampton and broke all North Atlantic speed records, from Ambrose lightship to Bishop Rock in 3 days, 10 hours and 40 minutes at an average speed of 35.39 knots, while on the homebound leg she covered the same stretch in 3 days, 12 hours and 12 minutes at an average of 34.51 knots. Here she is pictured laid up at Norfolk and is in a sorry state, but hopefully she will once again be brought back in her original state (see the link in my blog).
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m.v. "Firiza". Owned by NAVROM, Constantza, Romania, flag Romania. Grt. 6253, dwt. 8.750, l.o.a. 130.79. Built 1978 by Santierul Naval Galatz, Galatz, Romania. Engine type Motor, Sulzer-Tvornica Dizel Motora "3Maj", 6.100 hp., speed 16 kn. Vessel type Cargo.
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Saturday 13 August 2011


m.v. "Favorita" , owner Suisse Outremer Reederei A.G., Zurich, Switzerland, flag Switzerland. Built 1969 at France Gironde Yard, France. Grt. 8.426, dwt. 6.595, l.o.a. 144.10 mt. Engine type Motor, Burmaister & Wain-Creusot, 13.680 hp., speed 21.5 kn. Vessel type Reefer.
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m.v. "Iran Adalat", ex Arya Sepehr '80. Owner Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines, Bandar Abbas, Iran. flag Iran. Built 1977 by Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd., Oppama Shipyard, Yokosuka, Japan. Grt. 14.433, dwt. 18.910, l.o.a. 166.61 mt. Engine type Motor, Burmaister & Wain-Mitsui Eng. & SB Works, 13.700 hp., speed 18 kn. Vessel type General Cargo
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m.v. "Argostoli", launched as Skorpios. Owner Kafalnia & Ithaka Shipping Company S.A., Piraeus, Greece. Flag Greece. Built 1977 by Th. Servas & Sons, Ambelaki, Greece. Grt. 2.052, dwt. 1.071, l.o.a. 94.98 mt. Engine type Motor, MAN., 5.600 hp., speed 18 kn. Vessel type RoRo Cargo/Ferry.
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