Friday 27 January 2012


m.v. "Kopalnia Szombierki".
Owner Anglo-Polish Shipping Venture Ltd. (Polsko-Brtijskie Przedsiewiecie Zeglugowe, Spolka)(Polish Steamship Company,
Szczecin, Poland.
Flag Poland.
Built 1979 by Smith's Dock Company Ltd., South Bank, Middlesborough, Great Britain.
Grt. 10.974, nrt. 6.555, dwt. 16.728, l.o.a. 158.55 mt., breadth 22.03 mt.
Engine type Motor, Burmaister & Wain-Stocznia Gdanska im. Lenina, 8.100 bhp.,speed 15.75 kn.
Vessel type Bulk.
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m.v. "Ivan Franko".
Owner Black Sea Steamship Company, Odessa, USSR.
Flag USSR.
Built 1965 by V.E.B. Mathias Thesen Werft, Wismar, Germany.
Grt. 20.064, l.o.a. 176.10 mt., breadth 23.60 mt.
Engine type Sulzer/de Schelde, 21.000 bhp.
Speed 20 kn.
Vessel type Passenger.
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m.v. "Dependent".
Owner Rederij Dependent, Delfzijl, the Netherlands.
Flag the Netherlands.
Built 1982 by Peters' Scheepbouw B.V., Krimpen aan de IJssel, the Netherlands.
Grt. 1.241, dwt. 1.730, l.o.a. 59.95 mt., breadth 11.36 mt.
Engine type Motor, Stork-Werkspoor Diesel B.V., 1050 bhp.
Vessel type Cargo.
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m.v. "Cote d' Azur".
Owner Societe Nationale des Chemins de Fer Francais (S.N.C.F.), Calais, France.
Flag France.
Built 1981 by Atelier & chantier du Havre, Le Havre, France.
Grt. 8.479, dwt. 1.850, l.o.a. 130.03 mt., br. 23.02 mt.
Engine type Motor, Pielstick-Alsthom-Atlantique, 22.500 bhp.
Speed 18 kn.
Vessel type RoRo Cargo/Ferry.
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Thursday 19 January 2012


m.v. Tjitjalengka.
Owner Java-China-Japan Lijn, Batavia, Dutch East Indies.
Flag the Netherlands.
Built 1939 by Nederlandsche Scheepsbouw Maatschappij, Amsterdam,
the Netherlands.
Grt. 10.972, l.o.a. 145.10 mt.
Engine type Motor, Stork N.V., 6.000 hp., speed 15 kn.
Vessel type Passenger/Cargo.
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m.v. "Torre del Greco".
Owner Adriatica SpA di Navigazione, Trieste, Italy
Flag Italy.
Built 1982 by Cantieri Navali Riuniti SpA., Ancona, Italy.
Grt. 7.441, nrt. 3.061, dwt. 5.400, l.o.a. 148.27 mt., br. 22.74 mt.
Engine type Motor, Grandi Motori Trieste, 15.000 hp.
Vessel type RoRo/C/Con.
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m.v. TINI

m.v. "Tini", owner Heino Winter K.G. m.s. "Tini", (Heino Winter), Haburg,
Flag Germany.
Built 1981 by J.J. Sietas K.G. Schiffswerft, Hamburg, Germany.
Grt. 999, nrt. 675, dwt. 2.889, l.o.a. 87.97 mt., breadth 11.33 mt.
Engine type Motor, Kloeckner Humboldt Deutz, 1.175 bhp., speed 10 kn.
Vessel type Cargo.
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Monday 9 January 2012


s.s. "Tirpitz".
The ship was laid down as "Admiral von Tirpitz", but after launching on the 20th of December 1913, in February 1914 the name was changed to "Tirpitz".
Owner HAPAG, Hamburg, Germany.
Built by "Vulcan" Werke, Stettin, Germany.
Grt. 21.498, l.o.a. !87.43 mt.
Engine type Steam, Turbines with Fottinger hydraulic gearing.

In August 1914 the work on the ship was halted because of WW 1. In November 1920 the completed ship was handed over the United Kingdom, managed for the Shipping Controller by the P & O Line as a troop transport. On July 25 1921 the vessel was sold to the Canadian Pacific Line, London, United Kingdom and renamed "Empress of China".
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s.s. "Achilles".
Owner Blue Funnel Line Ltd., Liverpool, United Kingdom.
Flag United Kingdom.
Built 1920 by Scott's Shipbuilding Ltd., Greenock, United Kingdom.
Engine type Steam, 2 x Scott's Geared Turbines, 7.000 shp.
Speed 14 kn.
Vessel type Cargo, with large space for
steerage passengers..
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Sunday 8 January 2012


m.v. "Jane Ann".
Owner K.K. Fuji Line, Namikata, Japan.
Flag Japan.
Built 1979 by Kurushima Dock Co. Ltd., Uwajima, Japan.
Grt. 10.920, nrt. 7.286, dwt. 17.805, l.o.a. 146.11 mt., br. 22.86 mt.
Engine type Motor, Kawasaki H.I., 8.000 bhp.
Speed 14 kn.
Vessel type Cargo.
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m.v. "Aludra".
Owner van Nievelt Goudriaan b.v., Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Flag the Netherlands.
Built 1974 by VEB Warnow Werft, Warnemunde, Germany.
Grt. 9.845, nrt. 5.753, dwt 13.945, l.o.a. 152.63 mt., br. 20.38 mt.
Engine type Motor, MAN-VEB Dieselmotorenwerk Rostock, 11.200 bhp.
Speed 18.5 kn.
Vessel type Cargo.
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m.v. "Cielo di Genova".
ex Troll River '79.
Owner D'Amico Societa di Navigazione SpA., Palermo, Italy.
Flag Italy.
built 1971 by Brodogradiliste "3Maj", Rijeka, Yugoslavia.
Grt. 21.912, dwt. 32.786, l.o.a. 183.32 mt.
Engine type Motor, Tvornica Dizel Motora "3 Maj", 14.000 bhp., speed 16.5 kn.
Vessel type Container/Bulk.
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m.v. "Buona Speranza".
Owner Lloyd Triestino di Navigazione SpA., Trieste, Italy.
Flag Italy.
Built 1976 by Luigi Orlando Cantieri Navali, Livorno, Italy.
Grt. 2.651, dwt. 3.492, l.o.a. 117.51, br. 17.53.
Engine type Motor, FIAT-GMT., 9.000 hp., speed 20 kn.
Vessel type Con/Ro.
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m.v. EAGLE

m.v. "Eagle".
ex Manchester Eagle '82, ex Atlantic Eagle '81, ex Black Eagle '78.
Owner m.s. "Senator" Bereederungs GmbH. & Co. KG., (Reederei
Gerhard Schepers), Singapore.
Flag Singapore. Built 1972 at Hashihama Zosen, Imabari, Japan.
Grt. 1.207, nrt. 630, dwt. 3.546, l.o.a. 116.24 mt., br. 18.04 mt.
Engine type Motor, Daihatsu Mfg. Co. Ltd., 4.000 hp., speed 14.25 kn.
Vessel type Container.
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Tuesday 3 January 2012

m.v. KIHU

m.v. "Kihu", owner Neste O/y, Naantali/Nadendal, Finland.
Flag Finland.
Built 1984 by O/Y Wartsila Ab, Turku/Abo. Finland.
Grt. 13.974, nrt. 7.007, dwt. 19.999, l.o.a. 160.92, br. 23.17.
Engine type Motor, Wartsilla, 9.900 hp.
Vessel type Oil/Chemical Tanker.
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s.s. "Colombo".
ex San Gennaro '21.
Owner Lloyd Triestino, Genoa, Italy. Flag Italy.
Built 1917 as a cargovessel for the Sicula Americana by Palmers, Jarrow,
United Kingdom.
Grt. 10.917, l.o.a. 163.48 mt.
Engine type Steam, 10.500 ihp.
Speed 17 kn.
Vessel type Passenger
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