Friday 24 August 2012


Posted by Picasas.s. "Mauretania".
Owner Cunard Line, Liverpool, United Kingdom.
Flag United Kingdom.
Built 1907 by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Newcastle, United Kingdom.
Grt. 31.938, l.o.a. 240.82 mt., beam 26.79 mt.
Engine type Steam Turbines, Wallsend Slipway, 78.000 shp.
Speed 26.75 knots.
Vessel type Passenger.
The "Mauretania" was launched on the 20th of September, 1906, on the 17th of September 1907 she made
her shipyard trials and on the 7th of November in the same year she was delivered to her proud owners.
The "Mauretania" initiated her maiden voyage on the 16th of November 1907 from Liverpool to New York.
On the return leg she broke the rspeed record with 23.69 knots between Ambrose and Queenstown and in
May 1908 she broke the record for the opposite direction which her sister "Lusitania" then took from her for a few months. In September 1909 the "Mauretania" covered the distance between Daunts Rock and
Sandy Hook with an average speed of 26.06 knots and with this she held the "Blue Riband" for 20 years.
In July 1929 the "Bremen" broke this record. One month later, the "Mauretania", now 22 years old she entered the "Blue Riband" contest again but could not beat the "Bremen", recording 26.9 knots (the "Bremen"
27.83 knots) and 27.22 knots on the return leg ("Bremen" 27.92 knots), quite an astonishing achievement.
From 1930 the "Mauretania" was mainly used for cruising. In 1935 the Cunard Line sold her for breaking up by Metal Industries Ltd in Rosyth. 


Posted by Picasam.v. "Mazzini".
ex Alberta '72.
Owner Italia di Navigazione SpA, Genoa, Italy.
Flag Italy.
Built 1966 by A/S Bergens M/V, Bergen, Norway.
Grt. 4.541, nrt. 2.379, dwt. 6.767, l.o.a. 141.10 mt., beam 18.80 mt.
Engine type Motor, Burmaister & Wain/Helsingor Skibv. og Maskynbyg., 12.000bhp.
Speed 19 kn.
Vessel type Cargo/Refrig.


Posted by Picasam.v. "Leiv Eirikson".
Owner I/S Leiv Eirikson (Einar Bakkevig), Oslo, Norway.
Flag Norway.
Built 1972 by Seutelvens Verksted, Fredrikstad, Norway.
Grt. 2.527, nrt. 1.272, dwt. 3.378, l.o.a. 88.14 mt., beam 13.85.
Engine type Motor, Sulzer Bros. Ltd., 2.340 bhp., speed 13 knots.
Vessel type LPG Carrier.


Posted by Picasam.v. "Nedlloyd Fukuoka".
ex Straat Fukuoka '77, ex Sloterkerk '73.
Owner Nedlloyd Lijnen, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Flag the Netherlands.
Built 1961 by P. Smit Jr. Machine en Scheepswerven N.V., Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Grt. 8.305, nrt. 4.726, dwt 12.253, l.o.a. 2180.22 mt., breadth 21.04 mt.
Engine type Motor, Machine & Scheepswerf P. Smit & Zn. B.V., 10.600 bhp.
Speed 17.5 knots.
Vessel type Cargo/Con.

Wednesday 22 August 2012


Posted by Picasam.v. "Hermes".
ex Messager '76, ex Jugoslavija '71.
Owner Epirotiki Lines S.A. (Hellenic Company for Mediteranean Cruises), Piraeus, Greece.
Flag Greece.
 Built 1956 by Brodogradiliste i Tvornica Dizel Motore "Split", Split, Yugoslavia.
Grt. 2.563, nrt. 1.322, l.o.a. 90.07 mt., beam 13.06 mt.
 Engine type Motor, Sulzer Bros., 4.800 bhp., speed 18 kn.
 Vessel type Ferry/General Cargo.


Posted by Picasam.v. "Golden Flag".
ex Prosperina '81.
Owner Alfios Compania Naviera (Golden Union Shipping Company S.A.), (Spartacos Shipping Corp.),
Piraeus, Greece.
Flag Greece.
Built 1972 by Luebecker Flender Werke A.G., Luebeck, Germany.
Grt. 53.479, nrt. 32.395, dwt. 78.750, l.o.a. 255.91 mt., beam 32.34 mt.
Engine type Motor, MAN, 17.500 bhp., speed 15.75 knots.
Vessel type Bulk.


Posted by Picasam.v. "Bulk Sky".
ex Angelina M '81.
Owner Golden Age Marine Ltd., Limasol, Cyprus.
Flag Cyprus.
Built 1977 by Wroclawska Stocznia Rzeczna, Wroclaw, Poland.
Grt. 499, nrt. 275, dwt. 740, l.o.a. 50.20 mt., breadth 8.97 mt.
Engine type Motor, MWM, 700 bhp., speed 10.25 knots.
Vessel type Cargo.


Posted by Picasam.v. "Access".
ex Galleon Topaz '82, ex Ever Modest '80.
Owner Marubeni Oceano (Panama) Corp., (Marubeni Corp., Tokyo, Japan)., registered in Panama.
Flag Panama.
Built 1976 by Narasaki Zosen K.K., Muroran, Japan.
Grt. 11.401, nrt. 7.798, dwt. 16.862, l.o.a. 162.62 mt., breadth 22.86 mt.
Vessel type Cargo/Cont.
 Engine type Motor, Hitachi Zosen, 9.400 bhp., speed 15.5 kn.

Tuesday 14 August 2012


Posted by Picasam.v. "Rio Plata".
ex Ocean Navigator '79, ex Cosmos Fomalhaut '78.
Owner Tankrode Schiffatsges.m.b.H., Monrovia, Liberia. (Van Ommeren Marine Management Ltd., London,
United Kingdom).
Flag Liberia.
Built 1970 by Osaka Zosensho, Osaka, Japan.
Grt. 13.854, nrt. 9.981, dwt. 24.594, l.o.a. 174.50 mt., breadth 22.86 mt.
Engine type Sulzer-IHI, 9.900 bhp., speed 14.75 kn.
Vessel type Bulk.


Posted by Picasam.v. "Shevrell".
Owner James Tyrell Ltd., Dublin, Irish Republic.
Flag Ireland.
Built 1981 by Niestern-Sander B.V., Delfzijl, the Netherlands.
Grt. 1.393, nrt. 1.030, dwt. 2.691, l.o.a. 75.37 mt., beam 12.60 mt.
Engine type Motor, Brons Industrie N.V., 1.500 bhp., speed 11.25 knots.
Vessel type Cargo.


Posted by Picasam.v. "The Viking".
ex Kalle III '83, launched as Kattegat II.
Owner Rederiaktibolaget Sally, Mariehamn, Finland.
Flag Finland.
Built 1974 by Sichau-Unterweser AG, Bremerhaven, Germany.
Grt. 4.371, nrt. 2.274, dwt. 1.489, l.o.a. 118.01 mt., breadth 18.90 mt.
Engine type Motor, MAN, 13.400 bhp., speed 20 knots.
Vessel type Pass/RoRo/Car Ferry.

Sunday 12 August 2012


Posted by Picasam.v. "Yelets".
Owner Lithuanian Shipping Company, Klaypeda, USSR.
Flag USSR.
 Built 1960 by Stocznia Gdanska im. Lenina, Gdansk, Poland.
Grt. 3.812, nrt. 1.888, dwt 5.150, l.o.a. 108.87 mt., breadth 14.66 mt.
Engine type Motor, Zgoda, 2.500 bhp., speed 12.25 knots.
Vessel type Cargo.


Posted by Picasam.v. "Virgilio".
Owner Navigazione Generale Italiana, Genova, Italy.
Built 1928 by Cantieri ed Officine Meridionali, Baia (Napoli), Italy.
Flag Italy.
Grt. 11.718, l.o.a. !54.22 m, beam 18.84 m.
Engine type Motor, Burmaister & Wain, 6.600 bhp., speed max. 15 knots.
Vessel type Passenger.
Vessel was launched in December 1926, completed in April 1928, and was used on the Genova-Valparaiso
In 1932 the NGI joined the "Italia" Flotta Riunite in the amalgamation of NGI with Lloyd Sabaudo and Consulich. From January 1937 it became known as the "Italia" Societa Anonima di Navigazione.
In September 1943 the "Virgilio" was seized at La Spezia by the Germans after the Italian capitulation.
After being badly damaged during an Allied air raid at Toulon in December 1943, in June 1944 the vessel was blown up before the German retreat from Toulon. After the war the vessel was raised and the wreck scrapped.