Wednesday 30 May 2012


m.v. "General Stanislaw Poplwaski".
Owner Polish Ocean Lines, Gdynia, Poland.
Flag Poland.
Built 1974 by Stocznia Gdanska im. Lenina, Danzig, Poland.
Grt. 10.112, nrt. 5.593, dwt. 11.632, l.o.a. 160.94 mt., breadth 22.99 mt.
Engine type Motor, Sulzer-H. Ceglieski, 17.400 bhp., speed 21 knots.
Vessel type Cargo/Container/Reefer.
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m.v. "John Cabot".

ex Capo Azzuro '82.

Owner L. & L. SpA. di Navigazione, Genova, Italy.
Flag Italy.
 Built 1980 by C.L.E.M.N.A., La Spezia, Italy.
Grt. 2.999, nrt. 1.682, dwt. 3.500, l.o.a. 97.01 mt., breadth 14.03 mt.
Emgine type Motor, MaK, 3.500 bhp.
Vessel type LPG Carrier.
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m.v. "Friday".
ex Ida Teresa '83.
Owner Sutil S.A., Panama.
Flag Panama.
Built 1965 by Cantieri Reuniti del Adriatico, Trieste, Italy.
Grt. 15.886, nrt. 9.366, dwt. 24.149, l.o.a. 190.48, breadth 22.86 mt.
Engine type Motor, Burmaister & Wain-SA Ansaldo Stabilimento Mecc., 11.550 bhp., Speed 14 knots.
Vessel type Bulk.
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m.v. "Amalia".
ex Kingennie '72.
Owner Seka S.A., Piraeus, Greece.
Flag Greece.
Built 1958 by George Brown & Co. (Marine) Ltd., Greenock, Great Britain.
 Grt. 1.066, nrt. 521, dwt. 1.391, l.o.a. 70.72 mt., beam 11.16 mt.
Engine type Motor, British Polar Eng. Ltd., 1.120 bhp., speed 11 knots.
Vessel type Tank.
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m.v. "Ever Grand".
Owner Evergrand Line S.A., (Evergreen Marine Corporation (Taiwan) Ltd.), Evergreen Line, Panama.
Flag Panama.
Built 1985 by Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Ind., Kure, Japan.
Grt. 31.316, nrt. 12.441, dwt. 34.150, l.o.a. 202.52 mt., beam 32.21 mt.
Engine type Motor, Sulzer-IHI, 24.000 bhp.
Speed 21 knots.
Vessel type Container.
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Thursday 24 May 2012


m.v. "Everdawn"
Owner Grandeur Shipping Inc., Monrovia, Liberia.
Flag Liberia.
Built 1977 by Hayashikane Ship Building & Eng. Co. Ltd., Shimonoseki, Japan.
Grt. 11.679, nrt. 6.893, dwt. 17.160, l.o.a. 154.79 mt., beam 22.43 mt.
engine type Motor, Sulzer-I.H.I., 11.400 bhp., speed 16 kn.
Vessel type Cargo.
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m.v. "European Express".
Owner Motorschip "European Express" B.V., Breskens, the Netherlands.
Flag the Netherlands.
Built 1978 by Austin & Pickersgill Ltd., Southwick, Sunderland, Great Britain.
Grt. 9.120, nrt. 6.316, dwt. 15.210, l.o.a. 144.02 mt., breadth 20.48 mt.
Engine type Motor, Sulzer-G. Clark & N.E.M. Ltd., 7.500 bhp.
Speed 15 kn.
Vessel type Cargo.
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m.v. BAIS

m.v. "Bais".
ex Freya '75.
Owner Blue Stone Shipping Co. S.A., Panama.
Flag Panama.
Built 1962 by J.J. Sietas KG., Hamburg, Germany.
Engine type Motor, Kloeckner-Humboldt Deutz, 900 bhp., speed 11 kn.
Grt. 499, nrt. 305, l.o.a. 69.60 mt., beam 10.65 mt.
Vessel type Cargo.
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 s.s. "Amerikanis".
ex Kenya Castle '67.
Owner Chandris America Lines S.A.,
(Chandris Lines (A.J. Chandris), Piraeus, Greece.
Flag Greece.
Built 1952 by Harland & Wolff, Belfast, United Kingdom.
Grt. 16.485, l.o.a. 175.53 mt., beam 22.61 mt.
Engine type Steam Turbines, Harland & Wolff, 14.400 shp.
Speed 17.5 knots.
Vessel type Passenger.

In 1967 the British Union Castle Line sold the Kenya Castle to the Chandris group of Greece. The vessel was then registered under the ownership of the Hellenic American Line S.A., Piraeus as the "Amerikanis".
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Friday 11 May 2012


 m.v. "Vercors".
Owner Societe France Cables & Radio,
Brest, France.
Flag France.
Built 1974 by Societe Nouvelle des Ateliers & Chantiers du Havre, Le Havre, France.
Grt. 5.886, nrt. 1.674, dwt. 11.212,
l.o.a. 133.03 mt., breadth 18.37 mt.
Engine type Motor, Diesel Electric,
5.400 bhp., speed 16 kn.
Vessel type Cablelayer.
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m.v. "Sigulda"
Owner Estonian Shipping Company, Tallin, (Estland), USSR.
Flag USSR.
Built 1962 by VEB Schiffswerft "Neptun", Rostock, Germany.
Grt. 3.251, nrt. 1.630, dwt. 4.375., l.o.a. 104.20 mt., breadth 14.43 mt.
Engine type Motor, MAN., 3.250 bhp., speed 13.75 kn.
Vessel type Cargo.
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s.s. ROMA

s.s. "Roma".
Owner Navigazione Generale Italiana, Genova, Italy.
Flag Italy.
Built 1926 by Cantiere Navale Ansaldo, Sestri Ponente, Italy.
Grt. 32.583, l.o.a. 216.12 mt., breadth 25.21 mt.
Engine type Steam, 44.000 shp., speed 24 knots.
Vessel type Passenger
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 m.v. "Roi Baudouin".
Owner Regie des Transportes Maritime (RMT), Oostende, Belgium.
Flag Belgium.
Built 1965 by Cockerill Yards Hoboken, Hoboken, Belgium.
Grt. 3.212, nrt. 1.755, dwt. 590,
l.o.a. 117.84 mt., beam 15.98 mt.
Engine type Motor, Sukzer Bros.,
9.600 bhp.
Speed 21 knots.
Vessel type Passenger/RoRo Cargo/Ferry.
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Monday 7 May 2012


m.v. "Bello Folawiyo".
ex Myrmidon '86.
Owner Nigerian Green Lines, Lagos, Nigeria.
Built 1980 by Scotts' Shipbuilding Company Ltd., Greenock, Great Britain.
Grt. 16.482, nrt. 8.872, dwt. 21.215, l.o.a. 164.57 mt., beam 26.07 mt.
Engine type Motor, Sulzer/Scotts' Engineering Co. Ltd., 16.800 bhp., speed 18 kn.
Vessel type Cargo/Container.
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s.s. "Strathallan".
Owner Peninsular & Orient Line Ltd., London, United Kingdom.
Built 1938 by Vickers Armstrong Shipbuilding, Barrow, United Kingdom.
Grt. 23.722, l.o.a. 203.52 mt.
Engine type Steam turbines, Vickers-Armstrong, 28.000 shp.
Speed 22 knots.
Vessel type Passenger.
The "Strathallan" was torpedoed while sailing in a convoy at about 35 nautical miles north of Oran. 11 people died but more then 5.000were transfered to other ships. 
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