Sunday 22 July 2012


 m.v. "Alienor"
ex Ibis Seven '80.
Owner Compagnie des Moyens de Surface (SURF), Marseille, France.
Flag France.
Built 1976 by Voldnes Skipsverft A/S,
Fosnavaag, Norway.
Grt. 499, nrt. 202, dwt. 949, l.o.a. 56.19 mt., breadth 11.59 mt.
Engine type Motor, A/B Bofors Nohab, 2.400 bhp., speed 12 knots.
Vessel type Supply Ship.
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m.v. "Xiang Yang".
Owner China Ocean Shipping Co., Shanghai, People's Republic of China.
Flag People's Republic of China.
Built 1970 by Shanghai Shipbuilding, Shanghai, P.R.O.C.
Grt. 9.817, nrt. 5.445, dwt. 14.602, l.o.a. 161.30 mt., br. 20.45 mt.
Engine type Motor, Burmaister & Wain, 9.000 bhp., speed 17 kn.
Vessel type Cargo.

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Posted by Picasam.v. "Westkust".
ex Racken '69.
Owner Maurice de Goeas, Kingstown, St. Vincent.
Flag St. Vincent.
Built 1960 by Karlstad Varv A/B, Karlstad, Norway.
Grt. 448, nrt. 199, dwt. 793, l.o.a. 67.67 mt., beam 9.43 mt.
Engine type Motor, MWM, 800 bhp., speed 11.5 knots.
Vessel type Cargo.


Posted by Picasam.v. "Sandettiebank".
Owner B.V. Nieuwe Rotterdamse Sleepdienst, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Flag the Netherlands.
Built 1977 by B.V. Scheepswerven voorheen H.H. Bodewes, Millingen aan de Rijn, the Netherlands.
Grt. 248, nrt. 0, dwt. 179, l.o.a. 34.32 mt., breadth 9.58 mt.
 Engine type Motor, Stork-Werkspoor Diesel B.V.
Speed 12 knots.
Vessel type Tug.

Tuesday 10 July 2012


Posted by Picasam.v. "Santo Andre".
Owner Frota Amazonica S.A., Belem, Brazil.
Flag Brazil.
Built 1958 by Stocznia Gdanska im. Lenina, Gdansk, Poland.
Grt. 3.557, nrt. 2.009, dwt. 5.250, l.o.a. 108.26 mt., breadth 14.64 mt.
Engine type Motor, Holeby Dieselmotor Fabrik AS, 2.640 bhp., speed 12 kn.
Vessel type Cargo.


Posted by Picasam.v. "Urridafoss".
ex Merc Europa '74.
Owner H/f Eimskipafelag Islands (The Iceland Steamship Company Ltd.), Reykjavik, Iceland.
Flag Iceland.
Built 1971 at Frederikshavn Vaerft & Tordok A/S, Frederikshavn, Denmark.
Grt. 499, nrt. 326, dwt. 1.372, l.o.a. 76.46 mt., beam 12.30 mt.
Engine type Motor, Alpha Siesel A/S, 1.250 bhp., speed 12 knots.
Vessel type Cargo.


Posted by Picasam.v. "Thames".
Owner City Leasing (Teeside) Ltd., London, United Kingdom.
Flag United Kingdom.
Built 1977 by Ferguson Bros. (Port Glasgow) Ltd., Port Glasgow, United Kingdom.
Grt. 2.663, nrt. 876, dwt. 2.936, l.o.a. 93.30 mt., breadth 15.12 mt.
Engine type Motor, Mirlees Stockport Ltd., 2.782 bhp., speed 12 knots.
Vessel type Sludge Carrier.

Thursday 5 July 2012


Posted by Picasam.v. "Tiepolo".
ex Canguro Bianco '83.
Owner Adriatica di Navigazione SpA, Venezia, Italy.
Flag Italy.
 Built 1968 by Italcantieri SpA, Castellamare di Stabia, Italy.
Grt. 5.293, nrt. 3.085, dwt. 1.965, l.o.a. 126.35 mt. breadth 19.26 mt.
Engine type Motor, Fiat S.G.M., 11.900 bhp., speed 18.5 knots.
Vessel type Pass./Ro/Cargo/Ferry.


m.v. "San Denis".
ex Marwick Head '69.
Owner Compania Maritime Katerina SA, Piraeus, Greece.
Flag Greece.
Built 1952 by Henry Robb Ltd., Leith, United Kingdom.
 Grt. 1.746, nrt. 910, dwt. 2.447, l.o.a. 80.78 mt., beam 12.25 mt.
Engine type Motor, British Polar Engines, 1.280 bhp., speed 10 knots.
Vessel type Cargo.


Posted by Picasam.v. "Rytind".
ex Scanblue '77, ex Bente Steen '77.
Owner K/S A/S Rytind (John Ytreland), Kopervik, Norway.
Flag Norway.
Built 1971 by P/F Skala Skipasmidja & Handelsvirki, Skala, Norway.
Grt. 299, nrt. 197, dwt. 808, l.o.a. 55.28 mt., beam 10.52 mt.
Engine type Motor, Alpha-Diesel A/S, 800 bhp., speed 11.5 kn.
Vessel type Cargo.

Sunday 1 July 2012


m.v. "Konstantin Savelyev".
Owner USSR-Northern Shipping Company, Arkhangelsk, USSR, (Russia).
Built 1969 by Vyborg Shipyard, USSR
Grt. 1.684, nrt. 754, dwt.2.360, l.o.a.
82.00 mt, beam 12.53 mt.
Engine type Motor, CKD Praha, 2.500
bhp., speed 12.75 knots.
Vessel type Cargo.
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m.v. "Konkar Triaina".
Owner Konkar Triaina Corporation, Piraeus, Greece.
Flag Greece.
Built 1982 by Brodogradiliste "Uljanik",
Pula, Jugoslavia.
Grt. 16.400, nrt. 11.738, dwt. 24.113,
l.o.a. 193.02 mt., breadth 22.92 mt.
Engine type Motor, Burmaister & Wain-
Tvornica Dizel Motora "Uljanik", 11.200 bhp., speed 16.75 knots.
Vessel type Cargo

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