Monday 28 November 2011


m.v. "MareSilentum".
Owner Nedlloyd Bulkchem B.V., Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Flag the Netherlands.
Built 1977 by Smedvik Mek. Verkstad A/S, Tjorvag, Norway.
Grt. 1.594, nrt. 1.084, dwt. 3.201, l.o.a. 83.01 mt., breadth 14.25 mt.
Engine type Motor, N.V. Smit & Bolnes, 2.500 hp., speed 13 kn.
Vessel type Chem. Tank.
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Sunday 27 November 2011

m.v. PATTY

m.v. "Patty".
ex Sunny Wealth '81.
Owner Patty Shipping (Pte) Ltd., (Vertom Scheepvaart en Handelsmaatschappij
B.V., Singapore.
Flag Singapore.
Built 1976 by Minami-Nippon Zosen K.K., Usuki, Japan.
Grt. 11.293, nrt. 6.913, dwt. 18.546, l.o.a. 152.53 mt., br. 22.89 mt.
Engine type Motor, Burmaister & Wain-Hitachi-Zosen, 8.300 Hp., speed 14.5 kn. Vessel type Bulk.
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s.s. "Nipponica".
Owner Lloyd Triestino di Navigazione SpA., Trieste, Italy. Flag Italy.
Built 1973 by Italcantieri, Monfalcone, Italy.
Grt. 26.784, dwt. 24.703, l.o.a. 208.13 mt., breadth 30.56 mt.
Eengine type Steam Turbine (2), Westinghouse-Franco Tosi Industriale SpA.,
Legnano, Italy, 38.000 shp., speed 23.5 kn.
Vessel type Container.
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m.v. "Neptun".
Owner Partenreederei m.s. "Neptun" (Flensburger Befrachtungskontor
Uwe C. Hansen GmbH & Co. KG.), Flensburg, Germany.
Built 1973 by Werft Nobiskrug, Germany.
Grt. 2.801, dwt. 5.770,.o.a. 125.02.
Engine type Motor, Atlas-MaK Maschinenbau, 4.000 bhp., speed 15 kn.
Vessel type Cargo.
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Thursday 24 November 2011


m.v. "Marie Delmas".
Owner Societe Navale Chargeurs Delmas-Vieljeux, La Rochelle, France.
Flag France.
Built 1978 by Chantiers de l'Atlantique, St. Nazaire, France.
Grt. 20.394, dwt. 24.946, l.o.a. 188.63 mt.
Engine type Motor, Alsthom-Atlantique, 26.600 hp., speed 20 kn.
Vessel type Container.
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m.v. "Prince Laurent".
Owner Regie voor Maritiem Transport, Oostende, Belgium.
Falg Belgium.
Built 1974 by Boelwerf, Temse, Belgium.
Grt. 5.052, nrt. 2.407, dwt. 1.030, l.o.a. 118.01 mt., breadth 19.79 mt.
Engine type Motor, speed 22 kn.
Vessel type RoRo/Passenger?Ferry.
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m.v. "Nomentana".
Owner Tirrenia di Navigazione SpA., Naples, Italy.
Flag Italy.
Built 1980 by Italcantieri SpA., Castellamare di Stabia, Italy.
Grt. 10.500, nrt. 5.900, dwt. 3.250, l.o.a. 136.00 mt., breadth 30.00 mt.
Engine type Motor, Grandi Motori Trieste, 19.200 bhp., speed 22.25 kn.
Vessel type Passenger/RoRo/Cargo/Ferry.
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m.v. LAILA

m.v. "Laila".
Owner m.s. "Laila" Buck Schiffahrt K.G., Emden, Germany.
Flag Germany.
Built 1983 by C. Luehring Schiffswerft GmbH & Co., K.G., Brake-Unterweser,
Grt. 997, nrt. 545, dwt. 2.300, l.o.a. 91.01 mt., br. 13.52 mt.
Engine type Motor, Kloeckner Humboldt Deutz, 999 hp., speed 10.5 kn.
Vessel type RoRo/Container.
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m.v. "La Bourdonnais".
Owner Messageries Maritimes, Marseille, France.
Flag France.
Built 1953 by Arsenal de Lorient, St. Nazaire, France.
Grt. 944, l.o.a. 150.00 mt., breadth 19.63 mt.
Engine type Motor, Burmaister & Wain, 12.500 hp., speed 18.5 kn.
Vessel type Passenger/Cargo.
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Tuesday 22 November 2011


m.v. Shonga, owner Elder Dempster Lines Ltd., Liverpool, United Kingdom.
Flag United Kingdom.
Built 1973 by Stocznia Szczecinska, Stettin, Poland.
Grt. 5.677, dwt. 8.288, l.o.a. 145.88 mt., br. 21.59 mt.
Engine type Motor, Sulzer, 9.900 hp., speed 16.5 kn.
Vessel type Cargo.
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m.v. ENSOR

m.v. "Ensor", owner Compagnie Maritime Belge (CMB) S.A., Antwerp, Belgium.
Flag Belgium.
Built 1982 by N.V. Boelwerf S.A., Tamise/Temse, Belgium.
Grt. 68.749, nrt. 50.634, dwt. 135.160, l.o.a. 249.11 mt., br. 45.04 mt.
Engine type Motor, MAN-A.C.E.C., 23.000, speed 14 kn.
Vessel type Ore/Bulk/Oil Carrier.
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Thursday 17 November 2011


m.v. "Elisabetta Montanari". Ex Caty Multina '78, ex Cabo Tres Montes'71.
Owner Cispa Gas Trasporti SpA., Trieste, Italy. Flag Italy. Built 1969 by Kristiansands M/V/ A/S, Kristiansand, Norway.
Grt. 2.893, dwt. 3.048, l.o.a. 101.94 mts, br. 14.46 mt.
Engine type Motor, Sulzer Bros. Ltd., 2.340 hp.
Vessel type LPG Carrier.
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m.v. "Ephestos", owner Vulcan Shipping Co. S.A., Piraeus, Greece.
Flag Greece.
Built 1966 by Mitsui Shipbuilding & Eng. co. Ltd., Ichihara, Japan.
Grt. 21.347, dwt. 38.120, l.o.a. 204.68 mt., br. 27.03 mt.
Vessel type Bulk
Engine type Motor, Burmaister & Wain-Mitsui, 13.800 hp., speed 15 kn.
Vessel type Bulk.
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m.v. "Kananga", owner Compagnie Maritime Zairoise, Kinshasa, Zaire.
Flag Zaire.
Built 1973 by Cockerill Yards, Hoboken, Belgium.
Grt. 13.481, dwt. 15.489, l.o.a. 161.14 mt.
Engine type Motor, Cockerill Ougree, 15.040 hp., speed 19 kn.
Vessel type Pass./Cargo/Container.
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m.v. EPIRUS 3

m.v. "Epirus 3", ex Hayabusa No. 1 '78.
Built 1971 by Taguma Zosen, Innoshima, Japan.
Owner Epirus Line Co. Ltd., Limasol, Cyprus. Flag Cyprus.
Grt. 2.260, nrt. 1.063, l.o.a. 89.59 mt., br. 16.03 mt.
Engine type Motor, Daihatsu Diesel Mfg Co. Ltd., 6.400 bhp., speed 18 kn.
Vessel type RoRo Cargo/Ferry.
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m.v. EOS

m.v. "Eos", owner Koninklijke Nederlandse Stoomboot Maatschappij,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Flag the Netherlands.
Built 1952 by N.V. Scheepswerven Gebroeders Pot., Bolnes, the Netherlands.
Grt. 1.963, dwt. 2.737, l.o.a. 85.14 mt., br. 12.40 mt.
Engine type Motor, Sulzer, 1.200 bhp., speed 11 kn.
Vessel type Cargo/Passenger.
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m.v. ANDA

m.v. "Anda", owner Anton Jungerhans, Haren/Ems, Germany.
Flag Germany.
Built 1980 by Detlef Hegemann Rolandwerft GmbH., Bremen, Germany.
Grt. 499, dwt. 1.609, l.o.a. 79.71 mt., br. 11.41 mt.
Engine type Motor, Kloekner Humboldt Deutz, 1.000 hp., speed 10.75 kn.
Vessel type Cargo.
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Wednesday 9 November 2011


Once the HMS "Belfast", built in 1937, was fighting on the North Atlantic
the U-boats in WW II and in the early Fifties she was again doing her duty
during the Korean War. HMS "Belfast" is now permanent moored on the Thames near the Tower Bridge.
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Monday 7 November 2011


s.s. "Walter Rice".
ex Atlantic Mariner '62
Owner Reynolds Metals Co., Corpus Christi, U.S.A., flag U.S.A.
Built 1945 (Fwd and Aft Sections) at Sun Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co., Chester, U.S.A., 1963 (Cargo Section at Schlieker Werft, Hamburg, Germany, len. and
widened, coverted from Tanker 1963).
Grt. 14.192, nrt. 10.207, dwt. 23.996, l.o.a. 190.81 mt., br. 22.97 mt.
Engine type Steam, Westinghouse Electr & Manufacturing Co., 7.240 shp.,
speed 13.5 kn.
Vessel type Bulk.
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m.v. "Waddenzee".
Owner Zevenster B.V., Harlingen, the Netherlands, flag the Netherlands.
built 1985 by Scheepswerf en Reparatiebedrijf "Harlingen" B.V.,
Harlingen, the Netherlands.
Grt. 1.860, dwt. 3.000, l.o.a. 91.01 mt., br. 11.36 mt., engine type Motor,
1.300 hp.
Vessel type Cargo.
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m.v. "Barracuda".
Owner Smit Tak International Ocean Towage & Salvage Company, Rotterdam,
the Netherlands. Flag the Netherlands.
Built 1970 by Bodewes Scheepswerven "Volharding" N.V., Foxhol, the Netherlands.
Grt. 439, dwt. 435, l.o.a. 44.99 mt., br. 11.82 mt.
Engine type Motor, Kloeckner Humboldt Deutz, 1.440 hp., speed 11 kn.
Vessel type Salvage.
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