Wednesday 28 March 2012


 m.v. "Nereus".
ex Polhem '81, ex Scania Express '76,
ex Scania '71.
Owner Agapitos Brothers, Piraeus, Greece.
Flag Greece.
Built 1964 by Uddevallavarvet A/B,
Uddevalla, Sweden.
Grt. 2.505, nrt. 1.052, dwt. 640, l.o.a. 78.52 mt., br. 16.24 mt.
Engine type Motor, Kloeckner Humboldt Deutz, 5.150 bhp., speed
18 kn.
Vessel type Pass./Ro/Cargo?Ferry.
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Monday 26 March 2012


m.v. "Thutmose".
Owner The Egyptian Navigation Company, Alexandria, Egypt.
Flag Egypt.
Built 1981 by Alexandria Shipyard,
Alexandria, Egypt.
Grt. 5.741, dwt. 8.230, l.o.a. 129.93 17.84 mt.
Engine type Motor, Burmaister & Wain, 4.900 bhp.
Speed 16 kn.
Vessel type Cargo.
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Sunday 25 March 2012


 m.v. "Selinti".
ex Hornfighter '68.
Owner Sarda Pertolifera Navigazione SpA (SA.PE.NA.) Cagliari, Italy.
Flag Italy.
Built 1954 by A/S Fredrikstad M/V,
Fredrikstad, Norway.
Grt. 8.713, nrt. 4.659, dwt. 14.059,
l.o.a. 156.62 mt., beam 19.11 mt.
Engine Type Motor, Gotaverken-A/S-Fredrikstad M/V, 4.500 bhp., speed 11 kn.
Vessel type Tank.
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m.v. TOSCA

 m.v. "Tosca".
Owner R/A Soya (Walleniusrederierna (Wallenius Lines), Tockholm, Sweden.
Flag Sweden.
Built 1978 by Nippon Kokan K.K.., Tsu, Japan.
Grt. 16.883, nrt. 7.781, dwt. 12.572,
l.o.a. 195.76 mt., br. 31.73 mt.
Engine type Motor, Pielstick-Nippon Kokan K.K., 20.800 bhp., speed 20.75 kn.
Vessel type Vehicles Carrier.
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Wednesday 21 March 2012


m.v. "Irenes Zeal".
ex Leal '80, ex Bel-Hudson '76, launched as Belveni.
Owner Mersina Shipping Co. Ltd.
(Tsakos Shipping & Trading S.A.),
Piraeus, Greece.
Flag Greece.
Built 1968 at Kaldnes M/V A/S, Tonsberg, Norway.
Grt. 13.633, nrt. 9.250, dwt 24.730,
l.o.a. 172.65 mt., beam 22.92 mt.
Engine type Motor, Burmaister & Wain
A/S Akers M/V, 11.500 bhp., speed
15.25 kn.
Vessel type Bulk.
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Thursday 15 March 2012


 m.v. "Smit Singapore".
Owner Smit-Tak, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Flag the Netherlands.
Built 1984 by Niestern-Sander B.V.,
Delfzijl, the Netherlands.
l.o.a. 75.32 mt., beam 15.68 mt.
Engine type Motor, Stork-Werkspoor
2 x 6.750 bhp.
Speed 17 kn.
Vessel type Tug/Salvage.
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m.v. "Yin Chuan".
Owner China Ocean Shipping Company, Shanghai, P.R. of China.
Built 1973 by Brodogradiliste "3 Maj",
Rijeka, Yugoslavia.
Grt. 10.734, nrt. 6.533, dwt. 15.474,
l.o.a. 157.11 mt., breadth 21.65 mt.
Engine type Motor, Sulzer-"3 Maj",
12.000 bhp., speed 18 kn.
Vessel type Cargo.
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m.v. ZEMUN

 m.v. "Zemun".
ex Kaprije 76, ex Zemun '69.
Owner Mediteranska Plovidba, Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia.
Flag Yugoslavia.
Built 1957 by Brodogradiliste "3 Maj",
Rijeka, Yugoslavia.
Grt. 998, nrt. 412, dwt. 1.525,
l.o.a. 83.42 mt., breadth 12.02 mt.
Engine type Motor, Sulzer Bros,
Winterthur, 1.500 bhp. speed 13.25 kn.
Vessel type Cargo.
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m.v. IONIA

 m.v. "Ionia".
Owner Alexandra Towing Company
(London) Ltd., London, United-
Flag United Kingdom.
Grt. 187. l.o.a. 30.41 mt., beam 7.98 mt..
Engine type Motor, British Polar Engines Ltd.
Speed 10 kn.
Vessel type Tug.
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Monday 12 March 2012


 m.v. "Podgora".
ex Mitera Kalliopi.
Owner Jadranska Slobodna Plovidba,
Split, Yugoslavia.
Flag Yugoslavia.
Built 1963 by Brodogradiliste "3Maj",
Rijeka, Yugoslavia.
Grt. 10.134, dwt. 15.371, l.o.a. 162.49 mt.
Engine type Motor, Sulzer-III Maj,
7.500 bhp., speed 14 kn.
Vessel type Cargo.
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 s.s. "Mariposa".
Owner Matson Navigation Co., Los- Angeles, U.S.A.
Flag U.S.A.
Built 1931 by Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp., Quincy, U.S.A.
Grt. 18.017, l.o.a. 192.63 mt., br. 24.19 mt.
Engine Type Bethlehem geared steam turbines, 28,450 shp., speed 22.84 kn.
Maiden voyage February 2, 1932,
San Fransisco-Honolulu-Sydney.
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 m.v. "Marina di Alimuri".
ex Bernes '80.
Owner Italmare SpA, Castellamare di Stabia, Italy.
Flag Italy.
Built 1972 by Lithgows (1969) Ltd.,
Port Glasgow, United Kingdom.
Grt. 22.901, nrt. 14.767, dwt. 32.738,
l.o.a. 178.31 mt., breadth 27.16 mt.
Engine type Motor, B&W-J.G. Kincaid
& Co. Ltd., 11.600 bhp.
Vessel type Bulk.
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Sunday 11 March 2012


 m.v. "Sand Weaver".
Owner Baring Brothers & Container
Leasing Co. Ltd., (South Coast Shipping Co. Ltd.), Southampton,
United Kingdom.
Flag United Kingdom.
Built 1975 by Ferguson Bros. (Port-
Glasgow) Ltd., Port Glasgow, United Kingdom.
Grt. 3.366, nrt. 1.234, dwt. 5.271,
l.o.a. 96.40 mt., br. 16.74 mt.
Engine type Motor, Mirlees Blackstone (Stockport) Ltd., 4.800 bhp.,
speed 12 knots.
Vessel type Dredger/Sand Carrier.
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 m.v. "San Dimitris".
ex Jupiter Explorer '80, ex Kally '77.
Owner Virkyn Navigation Corp., Piraeus, Greece.
Flag Greece.
Built 1968 by Uraga Heavy Industries Ltd., Yokosuka, Japan.
Grt. 11.002, nrt. 6.481, dwt. 17.101,
l.o.a. 155.00 mt., breadth 23.25 mt.
Engine type Motor, Sulzer-Uraga H.I. Ltd., 11.200 bhp., speed 17.5 knots.
Vessel type Cargo.
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A politician (be it on regional, national, or international, read EU level) is an individual always eager to please
the "green lobbyists", because it will bring votes and money. That same political individual will, prompted by his or her "green" masters, make big noises about atmospheric pollution allegedly emitted by shipping or aviation. The latter starts now to bite back in the form of protests by the Chinese and other national governments.
The chances are that shipping around one's coast will be mostly foreign owned and even if it flies the national
ensign, it will not be to much of a problem to demonise it in the eyes of a gullible public. It would not be like taking on the before mentioned aviation industry or the motoring lobbies, which will revenge with their own campaigns and threaten the withdrawal of political support or a trade war (aviation). Shipping is a far easier target. Politicians, eagerly assisted by "managers" of charity institutions like Oxfam and the like, wishing to load shipping with new regulations on emissions can be assured that the general public will not associate the costs of goods in their shops with the enormous costs borne by marine transport having to comply with new emission regulations. It is not like a "green tax" on energy bills (one of the many rip offs by the political elite and their associates)  or an additional rise on petrol  prices, which are directly punishing the end user and will
be bitterly resented. The costs loaded on shipping will be indirect and unseen by the voters who unwillingly
depend on shipping for their food and fuel. All of which makes shipping a tempting target. Politicians, like the green and even greener members of the European Parliament or the regulators of the European Commission,
sometimes treat shipping as if it was discretionary, or a sort of luxury item which one did not really have to use. They can stand up and make wild emotive and ill-founded statements about the way in which people who live close to the coasts have their health menaced by the emissions of passing ships. They can not and do not
make any effort to substantiate their absurd claims about the "health benefits" of up to 34 billion euros which would be brought to these suffering populations by reducing sulphur to 0.1% by 2020. How on earth can such a figure be arrived at, and how could such savings ever be proved?
The targeting of the maritime industry by zealous campaigners is not disconnected by the way shipping has fallen out of the public view. An industry which, in awareness terms, is largely over the horizon and more vulnerable than one that remains visible. So a politician or a campaigner with a cause to promote (and a wallet to fill) can mount an attack on the shipping industry in the knowledge that he or she will have their words assiduously published by a press not better or even less informed than they are, for the benefit of a public unlikely to contradict this view.
The shipping industry will be accused of "delaying tactics" when it fails to leap to attention and rush to comply
with the ridiculous demands of colossal costs in impossible timescales. Its reasonable objections will be taken as evidence that the shipping industry is an irredeemable polluter, playing fast and loose with the health of the general public. It is then up to the industry to try and respond to these hysterical accusations in a way that does not play into the hands of its accusers.
In a reasonable and rational world, the very considerable efforts of the maritime industry to design more energy efficient and thus more environmentally friendly ships would be a perfectly reasonable answer to
these unreasonable demands. There is, after all, little to be ashamed of in the astonishing technical progress that continues to be made, and which is largely financed out of the modest profits that shipping companies make. There is so much that the industry can be genuinely proud of, from its technical advances to the
operational improvements which are being made constantly. But the world, it often seems, is neither rational
nor reasonable, which is why the shipping industry that is so essential to most people on this planet has to work so hard to defend itself.
As an afterthought: If these same politicians who seem to be so concerned about the health of the people should show the same "backbone" and fortitude in fighting piracy on the high seas, the lives of the seamen should be a lot safer.


m.v. "Utrillo".
Owner Compagnie General Maritime et Finnanciere, Dunkerque, France.
Flag France.
Built 1978 by Chantiers Navale de la Ciotat, la Ciotat, France.
Grt. 13.928, nrt. 6.129, dwt. 19.669, l.o.a. 164.07 mt., br. 26.55 mt.
Engine type Motor, Pielstick-Chantier de l'Atlantique, 23.400 bhp., speed 18.5 knots.
Vessel type Container/Cargo/Ro.
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Friday 9 March 2012


 m.v. "Transoceanica Silvia".
Owner Compagnia Italiana Transoceanica di Navigazione S.p.A.,
Genoa, Italy.
Flag Italy.
Built 1963 by Ansaldo S.p.A.,
La Spezia, Italy. Converted 1979 from
Bulk Carrier.
Grt. 8.125, nrt. 2.909, dwt. 24.131,
l.o.a. 185.25. mt., br. 24.11 mt.
Vessel type Veh. Carr./Con/Bulk.
Engine type Motor, Fiat-Ansaldo, 9.800 bhp., speed 15 kn.
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 m.v. "Vallejo"
Owner Compania Peruana de Vapores, Callao, Peru.
Flag Peru.
Built 1969 by Watsila, Turku, Finland.
Grt.9.391, dwt. 9.391, l.o.a. 150.50 mt.
Engine type Motor, Sulzer-Wartsila,
9.600 bhp.
Speed 17 kn.
Vessel type Cargo/Container.
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 m.v. "Triton".
ex Irenes Sun '80, ex Blockland '77,
ex Jiri '68, ex Hoegh Jiri '68, ex Jiri '66.
Owner Corfu Compania Maritima S.A., Piraeus, Greece.
Built 1966 by VEB Schiffswerft "Neptun", Rostock, DDR.
Grt. 2.989, nrt. 1.806, dwt. 4.674,
l.o.a. 98.89 mt., br. 14.23 mt.
Engine type Motor, MAN, 3.080 bhp.,
speed 14 kn.
Vessel type Cargo.
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 m.v. "Saudi Al Jubail".
ex Nedlloyd Schie, ex Schie Lloyd.
Owner Saudi Trader Shipping Company Ltd., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Flag Saudi Arabia.
Built 1959 by Howaldtswerke AG., Hamburg, Germany.
Grt. 8.320, nrt. 4.467, dwt. 12.873,
l.o.a. 166.00 mt., br. 21.24 mt.
Engine type Motor, MAN, 10.500 bhp.
Speed 18 kn.
Vessel type Cargo.
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 m.v. "Utstraum"
Owner Alf Utkilen's Rederi, Bergen, Norway.
Flag Norway.
Built 1977 by Brattvag Skipsinnredning,
Brattvag, Norway.
Grt. 1.062, nrt. 633, dwt. 1.834, l.o.a.
69.35 mt., br. 15.02 mt.
Engine type Motor, Wichman Motorfabrikk, 2.000 bhp.
Speed 12 kn.
Vessel type Reefer.
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 m.v. "Suzanne Delmas".
Owner Societe Navale Chargeurs Delmas-Vieljeux, La Rochelle, France.
Flag France.
Built 1982 by Chantiers de l'Atlantique,
St. Nazaire, France.
Grt. 20.424, nrt. 10.022, dwt. 26.287,
l.o.a. 176.99 mt., br. 28.05 mt.
Engine type Motor, Pielstick-Alsthom-
Atlantique, 12.000 bhp.
Speed 18 kn.
Vessel type Container.
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m.v. "Stolt Eagle".
ex Stolt Ulsan
Owner Parcell Tankers Inc., Monrovia, Liberia (Stolt-Nielsen Rederi A/S, Oslo, Norway).
Flag Liberia
Built 1980 by Korea Shipbuilding, Busan, South Korea.
Grt. 20.760, dwt. 36.613, l.o.a. 173.64 mt.
Engine type Motor, Sulzer Bros.,
14.400 bhp.
Speed 16.5 kn
Vessel type Tank
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 m.v. "Reguliersgracht"
Owner C.V. Scheepvaartonderneming
"Bloemgracht" (Spliethoff's Bevrachtingskantoor B.V.), Amsterdam,
the Netherlands.
Flag the Netherlands.
Built 1977 by Miho Zosensho K.K., Shimizu, Japan.
Grt. 3.466, nrt. 2.241, dwt. 6.152, l.o.a. 80.27 mt., br. 16.13 mt.
Engine type Motor, Hanshin Nainenki Kogyo, 3.000 bhp., speed 12.75 kn.
Vessel type Cargo.
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Monday 5 March 2012


s.s. "Vaterland".
Owner Hamburg Amerika Linie (Hamburg Amerikanische Packetfahrt AG),
Hamburg, Germany.
Built 1914 by Blohm & Voss, Hamburg, Germany as yard number 212.
Grt. 54.282, l.o.a. 289.24 mt., br. 30.49 mt.
Engine type Steam, Turbines Parson-Blohm & Voss, 4 screws, 90.400 shp.
Speed 23.5 kn., maximum 25.85 kn.
The "Vaterland" was launched on April 3rd 1913, when completed on April 29 1914 she was the largest ship in the world until 1931.
On March 14 she started its maiden voyage from Cuxhaven to New York.
In August 1914 the vessel was interned at New York, and in April 1017 the crew damaged the engines and boilers out of fear for seizure by the US authorities.
On the 4th of April 1917 the "Vaterland" was seized by the USA and after the repairs she became on September 6, 1917, the s.s. "Leviathan" as an US Navy
In September 1919 she was laid up at New York and was handed over to the US
Shipping Board.
In Februari 1922 the "Leviathan" was towed to Newport News for reconstruction as a passenger vessel by the Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Company;
After the reconstruction she measured 59.956 grt. and during the trials she reached an average speed of 27.48 kn.
On July the 4rth 1923 she made her first voyage from New York-Southampton
for the Ubited States Lines.
In 1931 the tonnage was reduced to 48.932 grt. This change in measurement was archieved through manipulation of the measuring regulations. The purpose of the reduction was to save harbour dues.
In 1932 she was laid up, due to the economic crises, but in 1934 the "Leviathan" made 4 more voyages to Southampton.
In September 1934 she was laid up once more in New York. In December 1937 she was sold for breaking up and on January 26, 1938 she set course from New York to Rosyth to be broken up.
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Friday 2 March 2012


m.v. "Leon Prom".
ex Cordova '67.
Owner Etablissements Maurel & Prom, Dunkirk, France.
Flag France.
Built 1958 by Helsingborgs Varfs A/B, Helsingborg, Sweden.
Grt. 3.669, nrt. 1.1993, dwt. 4.648, l.o.a. 106.63 mt., br. 14.51 mt.
Engine type Motor, A/S Burmeister & Wain's Maskin- og Skibsbyggeri,
3.300 bhp.
Speed 15 kn.
Vessel type Cargo.
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