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s.s. "Vaterland".
Owner Hamburg Amerika Linie (Hamburg Amerikanische Packetfahrt AG),
Hamburg, Germany.
Built 1914 by Blohm & Voss, Hamburg, Germany as yard number 212.
Grt. 54.282, l.o.a. 289.24 mt., br. 30.49 mt.
Engine type Steam, Turbines Parson-Blohm & Voss, 4 screws, 90.400 shp.
Speed 23.5 kn., maximum 25.85 kn.
The "Vaterland" was launched on April 3rd 1913, when completed on April 29 1914 she was the largest ship in the world until 1931.
On March 14 she started its maiden voyage from Cuxhaven to New York.
In August 1914 the vessel was interned at New York, and in April 1017 the crew damaged the engines and boilers out of fear for seizure by the US authorities.
On the 4th of April 1917 the "Vaterland" was seized by the USA and after the repairs she became on September 6, 1917, the s.s. "Leviathan" as an US Navy
In September 1919 she was laid up at New York and was handed over to the US
Shipping Board.
In Februari 1922 the "Leviathan" was towed to Newport News for reconstruction as a passenger vessel by the Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Company;
After the reconstruction she measured 59.956 grt. and during the trials she reached an average speed of 27.48 kn.
On July the 4rth 1923 she made her first voyage from New York-Southampton
for the Ubited States Lines.
In 1931 the tonnage was reduced to 48.932 grt. This change in measurement was archieved through manipulation of the measuring regulations. The purpose of the reduction was to save harbour dues.
In 1932 she was laid up, due to the economic crises, but in 1934 the "Leviathan" made 4 more voyages to Southampton.
In September 1934 she was laid up once more in New York. In December 1937 she was sold for breaking up and on January 26, 1938 she set course from New York to Rosyth to be broken up.
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