Monday, 11 July 2011

Our Car.

The story of the automobile is one of the most exciting and important chapters in the history of the human being and transportation. During the late 1800's cars were so new and strange looking that they were shown in lunaparks and circuses. Today over 300 million cars travel on the roads of the world. Many people use their car to make a living, others use their car to get to their work or travel for pleasure. Before people had automobiles to drive walked when traveling short distances, Rode a horse or traveled by horse drawn coaches or carriages.  In fact the first automobiles were called horseless carriages and only the rich could afford them. Over the years  the often small automobile factories has developed in a giant industry and now nearly everybody is able to buy a car.
In 1770 the French Nicolas Joseph Cugnat operated with succes a 3 wheeled vehicle, powered by steam and in 1860 another Frenchman, Jean Joseph Lenoir developed an internal-combustion engine, while in 1885 in Germany Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler developed the gasoline engine of the type we see in today's cars.      When driving in your today car remeber the first vehicles in which our great-great parents went on their daily scores. Lets also not forget that many governments today see our car as a milk-cow.

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