Friday, 16 September 2011


Oxfam, you know that happy charity organization, has invented a new way of making money, at least if they get their way. Together with the WNF they want that the international maritime community should, and their spokes woman said it authoritatively, participate in the emission trading scheme. By the year 2020 it would generate more than $ 7 billion each year. This means that Oxfam and the WNF are now sharing themselves under the growing ranks of the political elites with $ signs in their eyes. According these two clubs world wide shipping causes 2.5 % of CO2 emission and it is for that absolutely necessary that the shipping companies are going to pay.. Part of the $ 7 billion should be distributed through the channels of your friendly charity OXFAM and their friends of the WNF to developing countries. During the times of a world wide financial crisis, not to say chaos, it is heartwarming to see how, according some, hard earned money should be spend.

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